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Dosage calculator

How much treatment do you need? Input the volume of water you are treating to the ‘capacity’ field below, then click on the treatment you are using. If you don’t know the volume of your aquarium, use the ‘calculate’ tool.


Enter the capacity if you know it


Don’t know the capacity? We can help you calculate it.

Choose your product

  • Ammonia Remover

  • Anti Crustacean Parasite Plus

  • Anti Fungus & Finrot Plus

  • Anti Hair Algae

  • Anti Internal Bacteria Plus

  • Anti Slime & Velvet Plus

  • Anti White Spot Plus

  • Aqualibrium Salt for general use

  • Aqualibrium Salt for use when adding new fish

  • Aqualibrium Salt for supporting disease treatment

  • Bioactive Tapsafe

  • Disease Away

  • Fast Filter Start

  • Gold Disease Safe

  • Gold Fish Safe

  • Gold Tap Safe

  • GoldFish Disease Treatment Plus

  • Goldfish Fresh Start

  • Green Away

  • Plant CO2

  • Plant Food

  • Quick Clear

  • Sludge Buster

  • Swimbladder Treatment Plus

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