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Aquarium Plastic Plant & Ornament Cleaners

Our Décor Cleaners are perfect for cleaning aquarium ornaments, artificial plants, rocks, gravel and other decorations in your aquarium. You can browse our selection of plant & ornament cleaners below.

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Say goodbye to dirt, and hello to a healthy aquarium!

Keep your aquarium’s plastic plants & ornaments spotless with our quality decor cleaners. These powerful cleaners can help you remove any algae, dirt, and debris from your plastic plants and decorations.

Our cleaners are designed to be safe and effective, with natural ingredients that won’t harm your fish or aquarium. With our aquarium Décor Cleaners, you can keep your tank looking great without any of the harsh chemicals or odours.

To use, simply remove the stained items and soak them in the cleaning solution. Do not put this product directly into the aquarium, instead, remove decor from the aquarium and clean them in a separate bucket or bowl.

For the exact dosage requirements, you can use our online Dosage Calculator.

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