Aquarium fish food

If you’re an aquarium owner, you know that having healthy pet fish requires more than just setting up the tank and filling it with water. You also need to provide them with appropriate foods and feeding accessories. Shop our range of aquarium feeding products today.

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Give your aquarium fish the best nutrition

Interpet offers a wide range of foods for your aquarium fish, from flakes and pellets to freeze-dried and live food.

Fish food in flakes or pellets are the most common, available in various sizes depending on the size of the fish. Flakes provide a well-balanced diet that is easy to digest and contains essential vitamins and minerals. Pellets may be better suited to larger fish.

If you are looking for an alternative to dry food, Interpet also has freeze-dried and live fish food on offer. Freeze-dried foods contain all the nutrients your fish need and require no refrigeration, while live foods provide a nutritious diet that mimics their natural environment.

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