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Gold Bio Bugs Cleaner 125ml

Clever Bio Bugs keep Goldie’s water healthy and his home clean. A mix of helpful bacteria which boost your aquarium filter and help you with weekly cleaning.

Why do you need Bio Bugs Cleaner?

Filter bacteria are like the back-room heroes of your aquarium. You can’t see them, perhaps you didn’t even know they were there. But without filter bacteria, waste produced by fish, plants and decaying food doesn’t break down effectively. This results in many of the fish health problems common to new aquariums.
Filter bacteria can take several weeks to become established, but there is a sneaky shortcut. Add Gold Bio Bugs Cleaner to your aquarium to boost the numbers of good bacteria in your filter and to reduce the amount of waste on the bottom of your aquarium.

Boosts filters

Cleans up waste

  • 1 x 125ml Water Treatment
Product Code55128
Dosage5ml per 16 Litres
Treats400 Litres
Doimensions4.3 x 4.3 x 12.7cm
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