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Gold Aquarium Kits

Simple, easy-to-use kits, with all the essential equipment you need to set up your first goldfish aquarium.

Product overview

A simple but quality aquarium for your goldfish, the Gold AquaPod LED Starter kits are quick and easy to set up. Despite their affordable price, they are made of high quality glass and come with all essentials to get you started – a 5 stage filter, a bright LED light and a bottle of Bioactive Tapsafe plus.

Classic, elegant glass aquarium

Low maintenance and fun

Bright yet efficient LED lights for healthy plant growth

5 stage cartridge filter ensures your water stays clear and healthy

  • 118, 36 or 56l glass aquarium
  • CF Mini (18l) or CF1 (36/56l) 5 Stage Filter
  • 125ml Tapsafe
Product code0429
Volume18/36/56 Litres
Dimensions18L – 27 x 41 x 21cm
36L – 31 x 51 x 26cm
56L – 35.5 x 59 x 31cm
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