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Our NEW Eco-Max Digital Aquarium Light Controller fits our Eco-Max LED Light range and also Aquatropic LED, to create your own lighting preferences. This easy-to-use digital LED controller, allows you to customise your aquarium lighting, controlling brightness, sunrise, and sunset effects, cloud effect, and lightning effect to simulate a natural lighting cycle and can also set maintenance reminders.

The Eco-Max LED Digital Controller has a range of features: a timer is recommended to regulate the lighting in your aquarium to create a natural day/night cycle for healthy plants and fish. The sunshine and sunset features ensure a gentle change in light levels preventing fish stress. The digital controller has a convenient and precise 24-hour digital clock displayed. Addition features include full 0-100% brightness control, master on and off, lighting features, cloud feature and demo mode.

The unique maintenance reminder makes keeping a healthy aquarium easy, by ensuring you never forget essential aquarium care processes such as monthly water changes or filter maintenance. The digital controller can be fitted to the aquarium glass with a sucker-mounted cradle provided. A hook hole is also provided, allowing it to be directly screwed into a cabinet.

Our Eco-Max is a range of super bright yet economical LED Lighting for use on Aquariums. In a slim stylish design with both inbuilt white and blue LEDs for Day and Night modes. This submersible waterproof system is designed to create a beautiful aquarium and enhance plant growth. This super bright, yet economical lighting system are over 50% brighter than other LED Systems and energy efficient using very low wattage. The Eco-Max LEDs are a spotlight source, which bounces off any surface water movement to create a ripple effect in the aquarium and stimulates healthy plant growth without encouraging algae.

About Interpet
Founded in the UK in 1952 by Dr Neville Carrington, a British chemist who entered the business world through his love of fish keeping. Interpet started with the manufacture of aquarium products and has grown over the 70+ years through product innovation, brand development and acquisition to become the broader pet company it is today.

Today, Central Interpet has successfully established market leading aquatic brands, including ‘Interpet’ for indoor aquatics and ‘Blagdon’ for outdoor water gardening. Both of these two aquatics brands are renowned for their product innovation, functionality and quality performance to help indoor and outdoor fish keepers at all levels, from beginners to experts enjoy their passion.

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