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Aquarium algae build-up is quickly and easily removed with the NEW Interpet Twist & Click Scrapers. This new range includes scrapers with either a short handle or an adjustable length version (adjustable from 40 cm to 63 cm). Both use the simple to use and innovative ‘Twist and Click’ head design that enables blades and accessories to be changed quickly.

Each scraper comes with a stainless steel blade for difficult-to-remove algae on glass aquariums, a plastic blade for acrylic or soft algae on glass aquariums, as well as a frozen food and seaweed feeder for an enjoyable way to feed your fish. Replacement blades and other attachments, including highly effective scraper foams are also available.  

With effectiveness and ease of use in mind, these durable scrapers are made to fit the palm of your hand comfortably and feature a rubber handle to improve grip when wet.

Once the scraping is done, the dual sided scraper foams (sold separately) can finish the job perfectly by scrubbing away unsightly algae from your acrylic or glass tank, as well as other tank components.

The dual sided scraper foam pad has a white side for softer scrubbing or delicate areas, while the blue side is for cleaning harder-to-reach places. The foams work well for sensitive corner cleaning as well as general cleaning and can be used with both scraper versions.

About Interpet
Founded in the UK in 1952 by Dr Neville Carrington, a British chemist who entered the business world through his love of fish keeping. Interpet started with the manufacture of aquarium products and has grown over the 70+ years through product innovation, brand development and acquisition to become the broader pet company it is today.

Today, Central Interpet has successfully established market leading aquatic brands, including ‘Interpet’ for indoor aquatics and ‘Blagdon’ for outdoor water gardening. Both of these two aquatics brands are renowned for their product innovation, functionality and quality performance to help indoor and outdoor fish keepers at all levels, from beginners to experts enjoy their passion.

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