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Neo Air Aquarium Air Pump Midi

Small, quiet and discreet air pump for small or Nano aquariums

Perfect for small spaces and small aquariums to add fun and health-giving oxygen to your water.

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The best bits...

Small, quiet and powerful
Maintenance free
Flexible fitting options

Key features

  • NEW electrical oscillation technology creates an ultra quiet and maintenance free pump
  • For small and Nano aquariums up to 50 litres
  • Will run 2 x 1" air stone
  • Small size makes it easy to position and hide
  • Product overview

    Oxygen is essential for a thriving, healthy aquarium, especially in tanks with small water volumes. Adding an air pump will create all the movement and bubbles needed to aerate the water. The Neo Air delivers everything you want in an aquarium air pump: quiet yet powerful - all in one neat little package. Designed using the latest electrical oscillation technology, Neo Air pumps deliver air without the need for a diaphragm - meaning no maintenance or replacement parts as well as quiet functioning. Solid, neat and compact, these pumps will serve you well, keeping the water perfectly aerated for your fish and plants. With multiple fitting options, these pumps can be stored away and attached to the inside of your aquarium cabinet, suckered to the side of the glass or acrylic or left on display. Its modern and discreet case and soft rubber feet mean it is good enough to be left out on show. Available in two sizes: Mini - up to 25 litres and Midi - up to 50 litres - these pumps are perfect for small or Nano aquariums.
    1 x aquarium air pump with fixing cradle, sucker and plug
    Product code 51537
    Product barcode 755349515370
    Disposal of electrical goods Y
    Weight 0.1kg
    Aquarium size X Small, Small, Goldfish Bowl
    Assembled dimensions (HxWxD) cm Without cable or plug 9 x 5.5 x 4
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