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Gold Fish Bowl Undergravel Filter Starter Kit

A easy-use starter kit for a healthier goldfish bowl.

Effective undergravel filtration system for a healthy and attractive goldfish bowl.

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Key features

  • Air pump for powerful and quality aeration
  • Cleans and purifies water for healthy goldfish
  • Easy to install - assembly and maintenance instructions provided
  • Quality materials and high performance for a product you can rely on
  • Product overview

    Make your Goldfish feel at home with a clean and healthy bowl. The Interpet Gold Filtration Starter Kit is just the ticket with everything you need to set up a healthy goldfish home. Goldfish live in their own waste, so filtration is vital in helping prevent a cloudy and polluted environment. Undergravel filtration creates a clear and healthy aquarium by trapping suspending waste matter and biologically removing toxic fish waste. Included in the starter kit, the Aqua Air Mini aquarium air pump is quiet thanks to its quality construction and anti-vibration feet. Built for reliable, long-lasting performance, its powerful airflow and carbon impregnated filter reduced air pollution in the aquarium for healthier, happier goldfish.
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