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Gold Fish Bowl Undergravel Filter

Keep your goldfish healthy and happy with this highly effective filter.

Treat your goldfish to the most effective filter system for a healthier home.

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The best bits...

  • Complete with airline and airstone for your choice of effect
  • Conveniently fits most sizes of goldfish bowls
  • Key features

  • Undergravel filtration harnesses your fishbowls existing eco-system
  • Traps suspended waste matter for a clear, healthy goldfish home
  • Easy to install - assembly and maintenance instructions provided
  • Suitable for goldfish bowl up to 400mm in diameter
  • Product overview

    Make your Goldfish feel at home with a clean and healthy bowl. The Interpet Gold Undergravel Filter is just the thing for a healthier goldfish home. Goldfish live in their own waste, so filtration is essential to prevent a cloudy and polluted environment. Undergravel filtration creates a clear and healthy aquarium by trapping suspending waste matter and biologically removing toxic fish waste. Attach this filter to an air pump to create the flow of bubbles to move water through your fishbowl. This water movement takes advantage of the friendly bacteria living in the gravel at the bottom of your tank. Waste matter is drawn through the gravel, where the bacteria break it down. Fresher, cleaner water emerges from the top of the filter, helping to keep your fishes home healthier. The Fish Bowl Filter is easy to install with simple assembly and maintenance instructions provided.
  • 1 x Filter plate
  • 1 x Filter uplift
  • 1 x Carbon cartridge
  • 1 x Airstone
  • 1 x Airline
  • Product code 0620
    Product barcode 755349006205
    Disposal of electrical goods N
  • Gold Fish Bowl Undergravel Filter Carbon Filter Refill x 3
  • Weight 0.0000kg
    Aquarium size Goldfish Bowl
    Assembled dimensions (HxWxD) cm 13.4 x 4.8 x 15.2
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