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Liquifry Food for Livebearers 25ml

Food especially formulated for baby live-bearing fish.

The ideal combination of nutrients and particle size for feeding baby fish.

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Key features

  • Complete food for baby live-bearing fish in a liquid suspension
  • Formulated with larger food particles to suit live-bearing fry
  • Sterile product - will not cause disease or contamination
  • Easy to use - simple dropper top bottle
  • Added green vegetable matter for vital nutrients
  • Product overview

    You cant get away with feeding baby fish on adult fish food. Feed the fry in your aquarium with a food especially formulated for their physical limitations and nutritional demands. Live-bearing fish have slightly different nutritional requirements to egg-laying fish. Liquifry No. 2 consists of particles suspended in liquid which readily disperse in the water. These well-sized particles will give immediate nourishment to your fry, and you wont need to worry about them choking on the pre-soaked particles. Your fry will thrive on the extra nutrition from the added green vegetable matter. Start feeding Liquifry No.2 as soon as the fish are born. Youll notice the water becoming slightly cloudy due to the Liquifry food particles. Liquifry is a sterile product and will not cause disease or contamination. Follow the pack instructions carefully. Interpet Liquifry products are also available for baby egg laying fish and for growing baby fish.
  • 1 x 25ml Interpet Liquifry No. 2
  • Product code 0302
    Product barcode 755349003020
    Disposal of electrical goods N
    Weight 0.03kg
    Aquarium size All
    Assembled dimensions (HxWxD) cm 6.0 x 3.5 x 11.0
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