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Aqua Smart LED 13.5w 38-59cm

Energy saving, aquarium Bluetooth LEDs with multi-fit adaptors.

Aqua Smart LED Lighting upgrade is 13.5 watts and recommend to fit aquarium size: 38-59cm (14-23”). This LED lighting range is Bluetooth ready and can connect straight to a smart phone or tablet via the free Aqua Smart App which has a range of features including: Instant controls, Instant weather & Instant timers. Also able to create bespoke pre-set programmes, then save, demo, play or delete the saved pre-sets. As well as group multiple Aqua Smart device’s together, or create multiple group's and change device's name's & group name's and get help & support, all controlled from your smartphone via Bluetooth.

  • Unique multi-fit adjustable end brackets complete with screws, allows Aqua Smart LEDs to be retro-fitted to the underside of any aquarium hood or placed onto the edge of the aquarium using the included adjustable end brackets. Also comes complete with T5 & T8 lighting adapters so the Aqua Smart LED can be directly installed into an existing T5 or T8 lighting unit.
  • Aqua Smart LED has White, Red and Blue LEDS. 6500k White LED - provides a balanced spectrum, bringing out the best in the colours of your aquarium plants and fish as well as providing a daytime ripple effect. Red LED - important in maximising plant growth (photosynthesis) potential. Blue LED - cool blue moon viewing and night time ripple effect.
  • Advancements in LED technology have created increases of over 100% more brightness and 50% greater running efficiencies compared to standard T5 and T8 fluorescent lighting.
  • This new unique extrusion design enables advanced waterproofing as well as sufficient thermal dissipation. Keeping Aqua Smart LEDs running dry and cool for over 3 years.
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    Aqua Smart 13.5w 38-59cm
    Free Aqua Smart App
    Aqua Smart 13.5w 38-59cm
    Controlled from your smartphone via Bluetooth
    Aqua Smart 13.5w 38-59cm

    Key features

  • Energy Saving Aquarium LEDs
  • Bluetooth Ready - connects straight to smartphone - Manual & Pre-set options - Grouping function
  • 3 years guarantee
  • IP67 Watertight
  • Fits 38-59cm (15-23")
  • Unique multi-fit adjustable end brackets
  • UK developed & supported Apps
  • Product overview

    Recommend to fit aquarium size: 38 - 59cm (14 - 23”) with 56 white, 14 red and 14 blue LEDs
    Downlod the app for IOS or Android

  • 1 x AquaSmart LED 38-59cm Unit (with inbuilt Bluetooth capability)
  • 1 x Power supply transformer
  • 2 x Multi-fit and adjustable end brackets
  • Quick start guide instructions
  • Product code 3572
    Product barcode 755349035724
    Disposal of electrical goods Y
    Colour White, Blue and Red LEDs
    Length 38-59cm
    Wattage 13.5w
    Lighting spectrum 6500k White, 450nm Blue, 640nm Red
    IP Rating IP67
    Weight 0.48kg
    Dosage N
    Assembled dimensions (HxWxD) cm 6 x 56 x 12

    How To Use The Aqua Smart Bluetooth Aquarium LED Range

    A step by step guide of how to use the New Aqua Smart Bluetooth Aquarium LED app to control your Aquarium lighting.
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