Eco-Max LED 36cm

Eco-Max LEDs, super bright, economical and waterproof.

The next generation of LED lighting which is super bright and economical, it can also be retro-fitted onto any aquarium hood. Complete with day and night mode. Available in a wide range of sizes.

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Eco Max Tropical Led 36cm
Day and Night Mode
Eco Max Tropical Led 36cm
Stimulates healthy plant growth without encouraging algae
Eco Max Tropical Led 36cm
Reliable and fully waterproof IPX7

Key features

  • Super bright as well as economical
  • Retro-fits onto any aquarium
  • Stimulates healthy plant growth without encouraging algae
  • Day and Night mode
  • Waterproof
  • Product overview

    Upgrade your aquarium with this superb Freshwater Tropical LED. Your plants will thrive with the super bright light. The Eco-Max is a spot light source, which bounces off any surface water movement, this creates a day or night time ripple effect in the aquarium. The ripple effect and vibrancy from this light will turn your aquarium into a stunning planted feature. Want to enjoy your aquarium at night too? Switch from day to night mode with a flick of the switch and marvel at the soft blue lights which will illuminate your tank without disturbing its inhabitants. The Eco-Max LED can easily be attached to your aquarium with the multipurpose fitting brackets. Our light is economical compared to traditional lighting so no need to worry about the energy bills from this super bright light, you can just relax and enjoy your aquarium.
    1 x 36cm single unit Low profile transformer with blue and white inline switch 2 x Multipurpose fitting brackets Instructions
    Product code 90126
    Product barcode 755349901265
    Disposal of electrical goods Y
    Colour Blue and White
    Length 36cm
    Wattage 6.3w
    Lighting spectrum 8,000K
    Pack Size 43.5x7x6cm
    Weight 0.3kg
    Aquarium size Up to 45cm
    Assembled dimensions (HxWxD) cm 36x4x3cm
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