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Aquaverse Aquarium – 160L

Start fishkeeping today with this ready-to-go aquarium.

Ideal for new fishkeepers, this all-in-one kit is a great way to test the water without breaking the bank.

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Aquaverse 160 Aquarium
Clean and healthy water the simple way with this easy-to-use and effective cartridge filter
Aquaverse 160 Aquarium
Easy access lid for fishcare, feeding and tank maintenance.
Aquaverse 160 Aquarium
Tropical or coldwater? This kit includes a heater so you can choose between tropical or coldwater fishkeeping.

Key features

  • Flexible aquarium system for coldwater or tropical aquariums
  • The Easy Clean Filter keeps water healthy and clean with its 4 stage filtration process.
  • The T8 Tropical Daylight Lighting brings out the beauty of your fish and plants and sustains good plant health
  • Heater included so you're ready to set up for tropical fishkeeping
  • Choice of 65 litre, 110 litre or 160 litre capacity

Product overview

Welcome to the wonderful world of fishkeeping. It can be a little daunting with so much kit to buy, not to mention a little pricey.
But we've put our thinking caps on and put together the Aquaverse Aquarium range, which has everything you need to set up and maintain a coldwater or tropical aquarium at a price that won't leave you reeling.
Because we know you'll be keen to get your new aquarium up and running, we've included the easy aquarium starter kit which includes Bioactive Tapsafe and Fast Filter Start. This kit helps mature your aquarium in half the usual time, so you can admire your fish in their new home sooner than you thought.
And there's no need to be daunted by tank maintenance; you'll have clear and healthy water thanks to the CF Easy Care Filtration system which includes foams, carbon, bio media and an Algae prevention pad which are included in this excellent aquarium kit.

  • 160 Litre Aquarium
  • CF Filter
  • T8 Light
  • Heater
  • Water Treatments
  • Quick Start Guide
Product code 0368
Product barcode 755349003686
Disposal of electrical goods Y
Colour Black
Length 5. 76 - 100cm
Size (litres) 160 Litre
Wattage 60W
Spare Parts
  • 2314 - CF3 Impellor
  • 03570 - Aquaverse 160 Spare Hood
  • 2336 - CF3 Bio-Media Holster (contact Customer Care)
  • 2324 - CF3 Sucker Mounted Location Cradle (contact Customer Care)
  • 2347 - CF3 Attachment Suckers (contact Customer Care)
  • 3551 - CF3 Clear Filter Cover (contact Customer Care)
Glass thickness 8mm
Lighting spectrum Tropical Daylight
Aquarium size 5. X Large 150-200 litres
Assembled dimensions (HxWxD) cm 50.3 x 100.0 x 40.0
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