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Tri-Spec 2 Aquarium Fully Loaded Kit – 210l

A stylish furniture aquarium equipped with powerful Tri-Spec 2 lighting.

Designed with flexibility in mind, Tri-Spec 2 Aquariums are ideal for both freshwater or saltwater setups.

Also available in 166L, 170L and 250L versions.

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The best bits...

Tri-Spec2 Aquarium 210l Loaded
Max Output Tri-Spec 2 lighting
Tri-Spec2 Aquarium 210l Loaded
Free cabinet
Tri-Spec2 Aquarium 210l Loaded
Available in Fully Loaded and Customisable versions

Key features

  • Fully Loaded (51806) and Customisable (51802) version available
  • Large, glass aquarium, made from quality materials
  • Powerful Tri-Spec 2 LED lighting
  • New aquarium start up kit to help you quickly and effortlessly cycle your aquarium
  • Multi stage, silent EF canister filter (Fully Loaded Kit)
  • Tri-Spec app controller allows you to finely tune the performance of your lights (Fully Loaded Kit)
  • Deltatherm heater 200W (Fully Loaded Kit)
  • Product overview

    Want a big new tank but not a fan of spending a load of extra money on upgrades? Our Tri-Spec 2 Fully Loaded kits come with all the high-spec gear that you would need to set up your dream aquarium. Want to recreate a lush river biotope or looking to grow a stunning reef? We have got you covered. The super bright Tri-Spec 2 LED light paired with a Tri-Spec app controller allow you to have high-intensity light in just the right spectrum range to meet the needs of nearly any plant or coral species. Big aquariums need serious filtrations and that's why we have developed the EF1 external canister filter. It provides multi-stage filtration, helps maintain pristine water quality and reduces cleaning frequency. Also included in the Fully Loaded kit are a reliable Deltatherm heater and New aquarium start up kit to help you quickly and effortlessly cycle your new aquarium. And if that is not enough, the matching cabinet is free and the aquarium and lighting come with a 3 year warranty. If you would rather spec your own aquarium, the Customisable version of the kit is what you are looking for.
    Customisable and Fully Loaded kit:
  • Tri-Spec 2 Aquarium
  • Matching Black Grain cabinet
  • Tri-Spec 2 Max Output LED Lighting 90 - 100cm
  • New aquarium start up kit Fully Loaded Kit also includes:
  • Tri-Spec app controller
  • EF External canister filter
  • Deltatherm heater 300W
  • Product code 51806
    Product barcode 755349518067
    Disposal of electrical goods Y
    Colour Black
    Length 5. 76 - 100cm
    Size (litres) 210 Litres
    Glass thickness 6mm
    Lighting spectrum 440nm BLUE, 640nm RED, 6500k WHITE
    Weight 77.7kg
    Aquarium size 6. XX Large 200+ litres
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