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Freeze Dried Food – Bloodworm 4g

Supplement your fishes diet with these convenient and quality freeze dried foods.

Easy-to-use top quality fish food for a balanced and healthy diet.

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The best bits...

  • Easy to crumble texture makes feeding small fish simpler
  • Easy to store at room temperature, no special equipment needed
  • Key features

  • Super-convenient freeze-dried food for easy use
  • Conveniently floats at the top of the tank so your fish can feed for longer
  • No worry about extra cleaning with these non-messy cubes
  • Decontaminated to keep your fish free from disease
  • Product overview

    You are what you eat and the same goes for your fish. So feed them the best with a varied, natural diet. Being gamma irradiated means you can rest assured that all our freeze dried food is completely pathogen-free. So that means no risk of nasty bugs making your fish unwell, unlike when feeding live food. Carnivorous fish will be smacking their lips in delight with these blood worms. High in protein, these are perfect as an occasional treat, in addition to a balanced diet. These bloodworms will also be enjoyed by the other fish in your aquarium as well.
  • 1 x Bloodworm Tub 4g
  • Product code 0438
    Product barcode 755349004386
    Disposal of electrical goods N
    Weight 0.0000kg
    Aquarium size All
    Assembled dimensions (HxWxD) cm 6.1 x 2.5 x 8.6
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