Complete Aquarium Dip Test Kit

Quick and simple way to test your aquarium water conditions.

Super easy, all-in-one dip test for the six most important water parameters in aquariums.

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The best bits...

Quick and easy to read results
Accurate readings
Tests to find out if your water is stable and suitable for the fish you keep

Key features

  • Ammonia test strips so you can make sure you are not approaching dangerous levels
  • 5 in 1 test strips for the five most important water parameters
  • Simple to use and reliable
  • Your hands stay dry
  • Makes spotting issues very quick and easy
  • Product overview

    Understand the health of your aquarium in less than a minute and without any tablet crushing or liquid mixing. Poor water quality issues such as high ammonia or high/low pH are invisible to the eye, so testing your water regularly is essential to providing optimal conditions for your fish. It will also allow you to become familiar with your aquariums standard chemistry and treat any problems that might arise before they become a real issue. Quickly and easily test your aquarium water to find out if conditions are stable and suitable for the fish you keep. The Easy Test Complete aquarium dip test kit is your most important tool on your fishkeeping journey. If your results are worrying, then use our diagnostic tool to establish what to do next to remedy the problem.
  • 10 x Ammonia test strips
  • 10 x test strips for: Nitrite, Nitrate, pH, GH, KH
  • Information leaflet for resolving any water issues you might have
  • Product code 55112
    Product barcode 755349551125
    Disposal of electrical goods N
    Pack Size 10 Ammonia strips + 10 5 in 1 strips
    Weight 0.064kg
    Aquarium size All
    Assembled dimensions (HxWxD) cm 11 x 8 x 5
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