New Aquarium Start-Up Kit

All essential elements to quickly start a new aquarium and filter.

Save your customers the stress and tediousness of cycling a new aquarium. The New aquarium start up kit provides everything necessary to establish a suitable and healthy environment for aquarium fish.

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The best bits...

Water treatments to help you provide an optimal environment for your fish
Tests to find out if your water is stable and suitable for the fish you keep
Easy application and instant results

Product overview

New Aquarium start up kit - on web site why has it not uploaded?
  • Bioactive tapsafe plus 50ml
  • Fast filter start 50ml
  • 5 x Ammonia test strips
  • 10 x test strips for Nitrite, Nitrate, pH, GH, KH
  • Information leaflet to guide customers through the first 28 days of a new aquarium
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    Product barcode 755349012657
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    Aquarium size All
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