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pH Adjuster Down For Alkaline Aquariums 113g

Aquarium pH Adjuster.

Safely correct alkaline water and help keep your aquarium in perfect balance.

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Key features

  • Hit the perfect pH balance with this safe and easy-to-use pH adjuster
  • Product overview

    If the water in your aquarium has a pH of above 8.5, then this is the water treatment for you. It gradually reduces the pH level to a safe level to prevent pH shock, and adds essential buffers to keep the pH level stable.
    This clever treatment gives you extra peace of mind with the built-in safety mechanism which prevents pH levels moving out of the safe zone, even if you've accidentally added too much.
    Use for treating aquariums with a pH of 8.5 of higher.

  • 1 x 113g Water Treatment
  • Product code 1276
    Product barcode 755349012763
    Disposal of electrical goods N
    Weight 0.132kg
    Dosage One measure per 25.5L
    Treats Changes 2725L by 0.3 units
    Aquarium size All
    Assembled dimensions (HxWxD) cm 6.5 x 3.5 x 12.0

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