Aquarium Algae Scraper


Aquarium Algae Scrapers

Algae scrapers are a great way to quickly get rid of algae, best used in with an algae treatment. This will help to prevent the formation of new algae in your aquarium. We stock a range of algae scrapers including blades in metal, plastic and foam. See our full selection below.

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Remove pesky algae without damaging your tank

Algae can affect your aquarium in a number of ways. It can be unsightly, can cause your water to become cloudy and even block the light from reaching your plants. Scrapers are an essential part of aquarium cleaning as they quickly and effectively remove algae without causing damage.

Interpet offers algae scrapers to suit different tanks:

  • Metal blades: These blades are made from high-grade stainless steel and are perfect for tackling stubborn algae.
  • Plastic blades: Durable plastic blades can be used in tanks with delicate plants or fish. Causing minimal disruption to the environment.
  • Foam: Foam scrapers are designed to not scratch your aquarium’s glass, which makes them perfect for cleaning small areas with precision.

Algae scrapers should be used with other treatments along with regular maintenance, to keep your aquarium in tip-top condition.

Why should I buy an algae scraper?

Algae can be difficult to remove without the right tools. They’re useful for removing stubborn patches of algae that can’t be removed with traditional methods. Without it, you risk build-up, affecting the health of your fish and plants, making your tank unsightly.

Get everything you need to keep the algae away from your tank with Interpet.

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