Aquarium heaters

Create the perfect environment for your fish with our top-notch aquarium heaters. Aquarium heaters are essential components for maintaining the health and well-being of your fish. We have a range of heaters to suit any size and type of aquarium, from small bowls up to large tropical tanks.

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The perfect temperature for your underwater oasis.

Our heaters allow you to keep a close eye on the temperature to ensure that your fish have a suitable environment. With these easy-to-use devices, keeping a steady temperature has never been easier.

From heaters to thermometers, Interpet has all the products you need to keep your aquarium in top condition. Whether you’re looking for a simple thermometer or a large heater, we have something for all. With our products, you can rest assured that your fish are all living at safe, optimal temperatures!

Keep your fish cosy with our aquarium heaters

Our heaters provide reliable and accurate temperature control to keep your fish safe and healthy. We have a wide selection of heaters for any size tank, ranging from small bowls to large tropical tanks. With these easy-to-use devices, you can maintain the proper temperature for your aquatic pals to thrive in their underwater home.

How does an aquarium heater work?

Aquarium heaters help maintain a consistent water temperature in your fish tank. It typically consists of a heating element and a thermostat. The heating element warms the water to the desired temperature set on the thermostat.

If the water temperature drops below the set level, the heater turns on automatically. Once the desired temperature is reached, it shuts off to prevent overheating.

Which type of heater do I need for my fish tank?

If you’re not sure which type of heater is right for your tank, please contact us for advice. We can help you choose the best heater for your needs, so you can keep your aquarium at the correct temperature all year round.

For the meantime here are a few tips to keep in mind when selecting a heater:

  • Get the appropriate size for your aquarium – too small and it won’t be able to heat the water, too large and may lead to overheating.
  • Make sure that you match the wattage of the heater with the size of your tank. If your aquarium is in a cold area, then choose the next wattage.

Can I leave the aquarium heater on all the time?

It’s safe to leave the aquarium heater on 24/7. In fact, it’s recommended to maintain a stable temperature. As such most aquarium heaters are automatically designed to turn on/off based on the water temperature.

By keeping the heater on, you prevent drastic temperature changes that could stress or harm your fish. In addition, it’s essential to monitor the heater’s performance regularly. Check for any faults or signs of damage to ensure it continues to function properly.

For more information, please see our aquarium heating FAQs.

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