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Keeping water not fish

One of the biggest challenges of fish-keeping is the fact they live in water. It’s something we as land-dwellers don’t fully understand.

Good water quality is essential; look after the water and the fish will take care of themselves.

However, you’d be wrong to assume that clean, clear water means all is well. Most of the poisons that affect your fish are invisible; you’ll only know they’re there if you test the water.  

In the wild, water is cleaned, replaced and replenished through natural cycles such as rain or flowing water. An aquarium is a closed environment, so fish waste has nowhere to go with build-up causing sickness and disease. The aquarium filter acts as a sewage treatment works, taking poisonous waste material into harmless substances. Substances that are not dealt with by the filter are controlled through regular water changes. Toxins are diluted by removing waste-filled water and replacing it with fresh water.

Five Steps for keeping perfect water:

Filter maintenance

A well-maintained filter is crucial kit for perfect water. Your filter keeps the water clear by catching large pieces of dirt.

It can only do this if you regularly remove obstructions, so check your filter daily and remove blockages as necessary.

Your filter also removes less visible nasties; it holds good bacteria which work hard to break down toxic chemicals in the water. Keep your filter in good condition and you’ll find your water stays healthier more easily.

Control your feeding

We’ll take a bet that you love feeding your fish, and that your fish love eating. But it’s so important to keep mealtimes in check.

Unbelievably, more fish die of over-feeding than under-feeding because uneaten food left in the aquarium decays and pollutes the water.

Avoid overfeeding by feeding your fish just 2-3 times a day and only give them much as they will eat in a couple of minutes. Once they’ve finished eating, remove uneaten food with a net.

Keep fish levels in check

Too many fish in too small a space creates too much waste for your filter to handle. Keep fish levels low, especially in a new tank, and never exceed the recommended amount of fish for your tank size.

Healthy Plants

Keeping natural, live plants pays dividends. They help oxygenate the water during the day, remove nitrates and prevent algae so it’s important to keep them healthy and growing well.

Keep them neat and healthy with a trim every now and then, and feed them with plant food

Water changes

Regular water changes remove and dilute toxins from your aquarium and introduce fresh nutrients and oxygen.

You should complete a 25% water change at least every 28 days. 

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