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How to clean aquarium ornaments and plastic plants

Over time, your plastic plants and aquarium ornaments will start to look a little dirty as mineral deposits, algae, bacteria waste and sludge build up on them. You’ll want to remove this algae and dirt from the fish tank ornaments to get them back to looking pristine. At best, they look unattractive. At worst, they harbour bacteria, potentially causing water quality issues.

What do you use to clean them?

Our Plastic Plant and Ornament cleaner is the perfect solution for removing built-up waste and is specifically designed for the type of grime that builds up in an aquarium environment.  

For the best results, simply follow the steps below:

Remove and rinse

When your plastic plants and ornaments are showing signs of dirt and algae build-up, it’s time to give them a clean.

Remove soiled plastic plants and ornaments from your aquarium and rinse them under tap water to clear any loose debris.  

Soak and scrub

Place the plastic plants and ornaments in a large bowl or bucket and fill with 10 litres of warm tap water.

Use the measuring cup to add 20ml of the treatment to the water. Then stir gently to mix. Remember to wash your hands afterwards.

Leave the plastic plants and ornaments soaking in the solution for a minimum of 8 hours or overnight, to breakdown the built-up waste.

If there are any remaining patches of dirt, gently brush off with an old toothbrush. When clean, remove the plastic plants and ornaments from the solution and rinse thoroughly for 3 minutes in fresh tap water. 


Our Plastic Plant and Ornament Cleaner is not suitable for use in aquariums. All décor must be removed to be cleaned and thoroughly rinsed before being put back into place.

Do not use our Plastic Plant and Ornament cleaner for cleaning wood or natural materials used as décor. We recommend simply rinsing with fresh water and cleaning with a soft brush.

Replace and prevent

Replant your plastic plants and re-site the ornaments in your aquarium. Be as gentle as possible so you don’t disturb your fish or cloud the water with the debris settled in the substrate.

As a preventative measure, and to reduce the build-up of sludge and algae in your aquarium, use Keep it Clean tablets which will munch through muck and grime and prevent the build-up in both the aquarium and on the décor. This will reduce the frequency of aquarium, filter and ornament cleaning.

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