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Testing your aquarium water

Aquariums offer a fantastic home for fish and can become a huge part of your life as either a casual fish keeper, or a full-blown hobbyist. However, aquariums offer some unique challenges and unknown abnormalities that can throw the balance off and cause health issues for your aquatic life.

Processes such as the Nitrogren Cycle will affect your fish and their environment. The balance of chemicals in your water will be constantly changing, and because they are invisible, you won’t know what is going on.

The only way you will ever know something is wrong is if you test your water regularly and keep a record of previous results to identify changes (or your fish get sick!).

Two of the primary causes of these chemical fluctuations are; overstocking (keeping too many fish), as well as waste build-up/pollutants (typically over-feeding or dead, rotting livestock or plants).

Our testing kits allow you to test the water for Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, water hardness (dip test only) and pH. See our how-to-use videos below for our Complete Aquarium Dip Test Kit.

Using the Complete Dip Test Kit:

It is handy to keep a diary record of your test results to refer to, or compare, when completing maintenance or future tests.

Any unsafe results will need to be treated to prevent health issues for your fish.

See the videos above for more detailed information on dealing with each specific issue or use our diagnostic tool for further advice.

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