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Our Diagnosis

It sounds like your aquarium has fine suspended particles

How to be sure

Your aquarium has a milky, opaque look and you may also be able to see suspended dirt or dust in the water.  This isn’t great for your fish and they may be gasping at the surface.

Step 1 – Treat your aquarium

  • Remove the carbon filter from your filtration – but don’t forget to return it 7 days after the last dose.
  • Treat your aquarium with Quick Clear – you can check how much you need to dose here – and use Keep It Clean tablets ongoing to prevent the problem re-occurring.
  • Test your aquarium water for abnormalities and treat accordingly.

Step 2 – Support your fish

  • Use Aquilibrium First Aid Salt – to help your fish feel well, while your water quality improves.
  • If your fish are gasping at the surface, increase oxygen levels by adding an air pump.
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