Our Diagnosis

It sounds like your aquarium has high Nitrate levels

How to be sure

Your test results show high nitrate levels and your aquarium has quite a bit of algae in it.  If the nitrate levels are extremely high, your fish will find it hard to breathe. They will have rapid gill movement and be gasping at the water surface.

Step 1 – Treat your aquarium

  • Treat with Nitrasafe to bring the nitrate levels down to a safe level.
  • You can complete small water changes using Bioactive Tapsafe, if necessary. Remember to also test your tap water for nitrate levels before adding it to your aquarium.
  • Add some live plants to your aquarium as these will reduce Nitrate levels.
  • Re-test your water to ensure levels are improving.

Step 2 – Support your fish

  • Dose with Aquilibrium First Aid Salt – to help your fish feel well, while your water quality improves.
  • If your fish are gasping at the surface, increase oxygen levels by adding an air pump.
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