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Our Diagnosis

It sounds like your aquarium has snails

How to be sure

Your aquarium has lots of little snails that have seemingly appeared from no-where! How?!

Aquarium snails multiply quickly and may cover the glass walls of your aquarium and sit all over your décor.  They can also creep into your filter intake tubes and stop your filter working properly which will cause other problems to your fish and aquarium. They tend to bury themselves in the gravel, only coming out to feed at night time, so it is likely there are even more than you have already seen!

Step 1 – Get your fish to help out!

  • Speak to your local fish shop about introducing a school of Loaches – these fish like to eat snails and will help you manage their population naturally. 

Step 2 – Treat your aquarium

  • Use a Fish Net to scoop out any shells from your aquarium.
  • Use a Gravel Cleaner regularly.  Most snails like to hide here and this will help you keep their numbers down.
  • Make your own snail trap by putting a small piece of lettuce into a small and clean glass jar. Fill it with aquarium water and sink it to the bottom of your aquarium. Leave overnight and it will be full of feasting snails for you to remove from your aquarium.
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