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Your fish health

Just like any other pet, your fish need proper support to stay healthy. Everything you need to know about looking after your aquatic pals. Check out our helpful guides on a range of topics, from recognising signs of illness to keeping your tanks water in top condition.

What are common illnesses of aquarium fish?

Aquarium fish can be prone to a number of illnesses, but the most common diseases include:

  • Bacterial infections: very common and usually caused by poor water quality. Symptoms include ulcers, fin rot, cloudy eyes, bulging eyes and lethargy.
  • Fungal infections: occur when a fish is weakened by another disease or poor water conditions. Signs to look out for include white cotton-like patches on the body, fins or mouth.
  • Swim bladder infections: this is caused by overfeeding or an infection. Symptoms include a fish that can’t swim or control its buoyancy, and it may appear to be upside down in the water. 
  • Internal bacterial infections: often linked to poor water quality, these infections cause internal organ damage. Signs of internal bacterial infections include bloating, loss of appetite and lethargy.
  • Ich (white spot disease): caused by a parasite, this is one of the most common aquarium fish illnesses. Symptoms include white spots on the body, fins, and gills, loss of appetite, and increased scratching or rubbing against objects in the tank.

What are the signs of an unhealthy fish?

It is important to identify the signs of an unhealthy fish in order to ensure they receive the appropriate care. Signs can include:

  • Lethargy: A fish that appears sluggish or swimming slower than usual can be a sign of an underlying health issue.
  • Loss of appetite: Fish that stop eating, or only eat very small amounts, may be unwell.
  • Unnatural colouring: Fishes’ colours can fade or change when they are not well.
  • Fins clamped to the body: When a fish clamps its fins close to its body, it is usually a sign of stress or illness.
  • Abnormal swimming patterns: If a fish is swimming erratically or in circles, it may be due to a health problem.
  • White spots: A fish with white spots on its body, fins or gills may have a parasite infection.

If you notice anything wrong with your fish try our diagnosis tool to determine the cause and get advice on how to treat it.

How can I prevent aquarium fish illness?

The best way to prevent illness in aquarium fish is to maintain the cleanliness of their tank and put into practice regular water changes. It’s also essential to monitor pH, temperature, and oxygen levels in the water, as well as avoid overcrowding. If your fish are unwell we have a rage of medicines and treatments that can help.

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