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Using Tonic Salts when treating sick fish

Fish stress is a major causes of disease outbreaks. If you understand how fish become stressed, you can help prevent it; and help keep your aquarium happy and healthy.

You can reduce the impact of stress on your fish by adding a specific freshwater aquarium salt additive such as Aqualibrium First Aid Salt. You can use it regularly as a preventative treatment, or when you know your fish are likely to be stressed such as in a new aquarium, when adding new fish or when treating diseases.

Freshwater fish invest a lot of energy in balancing their internal fluid salt concentration. Increasing salt levels in the aquarium reduces their need to balance their body fluids. This means they can use their energy elsewhere, and deal with stress and fight disease more effectively.

Using Aqualibrium at the same time as other Interpet First Aid Treatment helps support the fish’s immune system for a speedy and successful recovery. Use the dosage calculator for the correct amount of salt for your size aquarium. Never use table salt or salt designed for a marine aquarium.

Watch the video below to understand how to use Aqualibrium salt effectively in your aquarium:

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