Aquarium Filters

Maintaining a healthy aquarium environment for your fish is essential to their well-being. The most important part of that is the filter, which helps to remove waste from the water so it stays clean and safe for your finned friends. We stock a wide variety of internal and external filters, as well as all the replacement parts you could ever need to keep them running smoothly.

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Keep your aquarium water sparkling with our advanced filtration systems

Keep your aquarium sparkling with our advanced filtration systems! Our wide range of internal and external filters provide the perfect solution for every setup, and are designed to quickly and efficiently clean your water while remaining easy to use.

Our filters are also incredibly reliable, so you can be sure that they’ll keep working no matter what. And with all the replacement parts you need on hand, you’ll never have to worry about running out!

Our types of fish tank filters

Corner Power Cartridge filter

Designed to fit conveniently in the corner of the tank, saving you both time and space when it comes to keeping your water clean. It has a high directional flow, providing maximum filtration power, as well as easy to replace carbon filter cartridges for maximum efficiency.

Internal Cartridge Filter

Perfect solution for keeping your aquarium clean, healthy and free from algae. This filter uses advanced filtration technology that is both effective and quiet, making it ideal for any tank setup. Its unique design helps to capture debris and other impurities while still allowing beneficial bacteria to flourish.

Internal Power Filter

Designed to fit inside any tank and provide powerful filtration capabilities without taking up too much space or creating too much noise. It features direction adjustment and lets you choose the best flow for your aquarium, and dual action filtration for crystal clear water.

Goldfish Bowl Undergravel Filter

 This type of filter uses gravel at the bottom of the tank to trap suspended waste matter, which is then biologically broken down by friendly bacteria living in the gravel. It also conveniently fits most sizes of goldfish bowls. Includes air stone.

For more information on aquarium filters, please see our aquarium filtration FAQs.

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